Finca Pata Negra
Finca Pata Negra

Fruits in Andalucia

On our farm we showcase ecological farming and its advantages for consumers and environment alike. Therefore, we are not applying any fertilizers or unsustainable monocultral concepts to treat the soil with maximum care und grow helathy and flavorful food. The farm`s entire yield is certified organic, harvested by hand, carefully packaged and shipped via a messenger of our trust. Our assortment ranges from raw fruits, such as avocados, olives almonds, grapes, figs, pears, mangos, pomegranades and oranges, to a variety of gently processed products, such as jams, marmalades and dried fruits. Please find our monthly offers, pricing and delivery conditions on our website:

In addition, our team will be frequenting deffernt markets en route to Algecira.

Please make sure to bring a basket, as you will receive the fruits without packaging.

If you are a wwoofer, workawayer or just interested, you are welcom to get in touch with us and actively contribute to the project. Help us spread the idea of organic farming around the world to make it a better place.

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